Internships & Projects

Blind Device
Computer Vision

Blind Device

  • Developed an Android app for aiding the blind through Computer Vision.
  • Used ResNet, AlexNet, YOLO, Faster-RCNN and ’Show and tell’ (for image captioning) with the help of Tensorflow and Keras.
  • Hosted the algo on AWS which communicated through the Flask API.
  • Produced speech output of the received image caption.
Doctor Around You
Intern / Full Stack

Doctor Around You

  • Developed and designed the initial basic Django structure of the website.
  • Integrated an external template to the Django app to suit our needs.
  • Hosted the PostgreSQL storage on AWS and the site on Heroku.
  • Used Google Maps API to find nearest doctors in an area.
Google Summer of Code
Frontend Architecture

Google Summer of Code

  • Devised a plan for the migration of frontend architecture from AngularJS to Angular 8 in TypeScript.
  • Coordinated with various teams across the organization to ensure smooth transition and unaffected user experience.
  • Intoduced Angular and migrated services while refactoring the Karma and E2E protractor tests.
  • 137,101 Lines of code, 72 Pull Requests and numerous code reviews.
Infusion Framework
Intern / Infrastructure

Infusion Framework

  • Revamped the infrastructure of the documentation site of Infusion project.
  • Migrated the deprecated DocPad Static Site Generator to the new 11ty framework, after design discussions regarding accessibility, maintainability, and flexibility of the different frameworks.
  • Found newer alternatives to the old plugins, validate linting checks, upgraded codebase, set new conventions, reorganized code modified complex functionalities to conform with the new framework.
Intern / Backend


  • Designed the backend using the Django Rest Framework according to the specifications discussed.
  • Integrated PostgreSQL and AWS S3 for storage, Razorpay to manage subscriptions, used best practices.
Technex 2020
College Fest / Full Stack

Technex 2020

  • Designed and developed the official website for Technex - The Annual Techno-Management fest of IITBHU.
  • With an Angular frontend and an attractive external theme integration, the site served as an essential part of the organization and success of the fest.
  • The Django backend equipped with swagger provided a user friendly interface to visualize and consume the Technex API.
  • Complete with social login and a user dashboard made in Angular, the website was viewed in more than 50 nations by more than 20k users.