> Hello Random Visitor! This is Yash Jipkate.

Full Stack Developer, DevOps, Open Source enthusiast. Anime and Memes.

In this world full of coders with crippling coffee addiction, be the one who munches on Belgian Chocolate Waffles alongside a chilled glass of Ferrero Rocher Shake and occasionally with the company of Nutella Pancakes.

Projects section
See some of my projects where I applied and learnt various aspects of software engineering. Also, see some of the internships that I have been offered and the projects that I accomplished in them.
Leadership section
Not just technical knowledge, sometimes teamwork and its management plays a key role in development process. I was fortunate enough to have been offered some key roles in some of the most challenging projects and teams.
Blogs section


See some of my writings where I share my hands on experience with the various domains of software engineering and the challenges that came in the way.